Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm quite fresh when it comes to the IT world. Currently I'm an IT Assistant for a large bookseller's Warehouse in Reno Nevada. ( Take a guess, it's not that hard to figure out.) I've come to realize one thing in particular in the first 6 months of my new career: I don't know shit. There is so much complexity when it comes to IT. It's almost farcical. It can almost be overwhelming trying to learn everything as you are going along.

I'm finding the more I don't know about something, the more books end up on my shelf. ( It's also quite nice that I get a fat discount because of my job!) I'm finding that I have my nose buried in several different books at one time. Be it CCNA, Active Directory, HTML and XHTML, A+, Linux, Ethical Hacking, Security+, or just leisure reading.

Until recently, I used to be the type to never read. I didn't care for it, even though I spend a good majority of time on the internet reading. I've found recently books to be an excellent source of knowledge and just pleasure alone. In fact, in the last two weeks I've purchased about 4 books. ( One might I add is The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- And it freakin' rocks.)

As of late, my main goal is to get CCNA certified. I've found a niche for Networking. I like it quite a bit, but with that comes an overflow of information that I need to know. Luckily, this job has helped me get the basics down of networking. I feel quite comfortable trouble-shooting a network.

With Networking itself, I've found security to be an issue, and I'm finding that I may have a deep interest for Network Security. Computer Forensics just sounds cool. So I've started to look into it, and I just might be pushing in that direction more as my knowledge grows.

To be honest, I don't really know anything when it comes to Computer Forensics. So naturally I have a few questions. Such as what the Job market is like? What kind of pay would a Computer Forensics person make an hour? A year? What kind of stuff would I be working on? Or am I better off sticking Network Security?

Either way, the IT field seems to be the right place for me. It has made me starve for knowledge, and has motivated me to ferret out and imbibe the knowledge I need to grow in this ever growing industry.

For all you IT folks out there, what have you found as you broke into the IT field? What are the pros and cons? Do you always find yourself having to pick up a book even after extensive experience?


Jon said...

Isn't security delightful?

That 0ne Guy said...

It totally is. It's kind of fun.