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Just shut up and play...

If you know me at all, you know I'm a huge fan of the Halo series. Well, its also First Person Shooters in General that I love. I find I have the most fun playing those, and Halo 3, I gotta say gave me an amazing gaming experience. Single-player, and Online Multiplayer...

Now with EVERY game you play online, you are going to run into the dingbats who semi-ruin the experience for you. Let me give you some examples of people who just aren't fun to play with online:

Minors who think they are funny and can cuss with the worst of them.

People who are in general jerks, and from the beginning of the game try to tell you, you are a noob or try to tell you how to play. (Same team or opposing team.)

Perverts. (I shouldn't have to explain this...)


If you have played a game online before, you know what I'm talking about. These people can be annoying...

Well, I ran into a little blog, that kind of annoyed the ever living hell out of me.

You can find it here.

If you don't want to read it, I will summarize it for you. He basically talks about "People who ruin Halo 3." Which as I've stated above, there are people who can semi-ruin your experience, but the term "ruin" is a bit of an over statement. Considering there are several ways to eliminate the problems, or deal with them.

Let me go through the list JW has compiled for us.

1) Swordsmen
"... Are classified as those people who use SOLELY the sword..."
"The worst of these punks are those who hang around near the sword’s spawn point, camping like a little pansy ass until it spawns."

Now the sword is a Power Weapon. It's good for short range attacks. All you need to do is get your reticule to turn red, and hit the right trigger and BLAM! Beat down. Instant kill. This can be agitating if it happens to you a lot, but that means you are rushing in to quick, or need to change your strategy.

How do you stop this "sward" wielding d00d who keeps owning you every time you get near him? Stop getting so close... Use a midrange weapon. A few bursts of the battle rifle to someones head takes care of them quite quickly. Maybe a few bursts and a grenade? How about a sniper? Rockets work great. Hell, I've killed them with an Assault rifle. If you can't figure out how to get past a sword, then you still got a lot of experience to gain, because you apparently are still a n00b.

2) Rocket Whores
"They use rockets. Only rockets. All the time."
"... The rocket whores in Halo 3 are of a special breed, known as “intercourseius remediali”, or in lamens terms, “fucking retards”."

It saddens me that JW has to get upset about someone taking control of a weapon. The fact of the matter is, the Rocket launcher is a Power Weapon. Much like the sword where it can be one shot, one kill. People who know how to use them, typically have a good idea on how to avoid getting killed by them as well. So if someone is rocketing the crap out of you, find a way to avoid getting rocketed. Kill or be killed n00b. To bitch about something legitimate is completely useless. It just makes you sound like you are a sore loser. Rockets, just like the sword can be defeated. Try to anticipate where they are going to fire. Keep the rocket whore at a distance and it won't be nearly as hard to stay alive. Stay away from corners and walls, because rockets tend to blow up when they hit something. I find grenades, and running behind things tend to get a rocket whore double-shotting at you, which means after two shots, they need to reload, which is when you need to take action. How you do this is up to you, because the reload time on rockets are slow, so you have more then enough time to do the damage you need to do in order to kill them. Silly n00b.

3) Laser Lovers
"These are the ones who’ll take the Spartan Laser and try to use it as a standard weapon… seeminly forgetting that it takes a good five or six seconds to charge and fire..."
"... They’re just… well, stupid, for a lack of better terminology."

So what? They don't know how to use the damn thing. Practice makes perfect you know? Why are you whining. In a Team based game, it tends to be a good idea to watch each others backs. So if you see your buddy getting messed up because he sucks with the laser, maybe you should help him out. If you're better with the Spartan laser, why not try to ask him if you can use it? If you're polite, people tend to respond better.

4) Children
"IT MEANS IT’S M FOR MATURE! On the back of the damn box, lower right-hand corner..."
"So, when your kid snaps and goes on a murderous rampage through his high school because the cheerleader turns him down for the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance because she had a date with that new, hip Calvin Klein kid, maybe you should look in the mirror and blame yourselves for not stepping in and being a damn PARENT!

Of course, considering most of the children I come across in that game, I wouldn’t doubt that these parents have failed in every facet of life. I shouldn’t be out-cursed by a ten-year-old."

Yes, children will be annoying when they can, and I got to say, this is the most ignorant thing this guy has said so far. Kids are stupid, immature, and can be little shit-heads. This I understand, but because a kid finds he can swear and get away with it, or be a little shit-head, doesn't mean the parents failed. Kids act out. Also to say that the kid is going to go on a murderous rampage is quite ridiculous. You know what I do when there is someone of any age being obnoxious on their microphone. I use this neat option called mute. Don't listen to it if you don't have to. Also, if you report them for it, eventually they will get in trouble for it, and possibly have their Gamertag banned. Be proactive, don't whine about it and act like it's the parents fault that the 10 year old who knows right from wrong has a foul mouth.

5) Campers
"Campers, as I’m sure we all know, are those who stand perfectly still in a single spot, waiting for someone to come across their paths before engaging in combat."
"Some (mostly campers, themselves) consider this a “viable tactic”, but I just find it to be laziness on a level unmatched by normal human beings."
"However, when you kill a camper, it is one of the most rewarding feelings on this Earth."

I can agree that killing a camper is oh-so-satisfying. Although, camping IS a viable tactic. If you are dumb enough to just run into the same person in the same spot over and over again, you deserve to be killed over and over again. If you get killed in the same spot twice, then you can be sure they are camping, so go throw a couple grenades where they are and watch them panic as you kill them. Campers are easy. Don't whine because they are kicking your ass, because you fall for the same thing over and over again.

6) Hip-Slingin' Snipers
"This one is just bizarre. There are some people who will go through hell and high water to get their hands on the sniper rifle. Once they get the weapon, rather than going to a high spot and picking people off as, say, a sniper would, they go all gunslinger with the damn thing. I don’t have any real complaints about it, and it doesn’t really take away from the game experience… it’s just odd."

Why would you whine about this? They are easy to kill and it can get you a Power Weapon. Also, if you're good enough, you can snipe someone who is running right towards you. It's called practice. A sniper should never sit in one spot for too long either, for fear of being found and teamed up on. You need to be able to move. Normally I grab me a Battle Rifle with the sniper, make sure I have a few grenades, snipe a few people from one spot, and move, and typically, people who you have sniped previously, will go to where you once were, and you snipe them unexpectedly from somewhere else. It's called strategy...

7) Achievement Whores
"Look, people. When a developer puts an achievement into the game, they do so expecting you to earn these feats. So when you get into a lobby and ask “hey, do you want to do achievements?”, you’re inadvertantly undermining the efforts of the development team who went through the trouble of creating these achievements. Also, you support terrorism and the drowning of kitties in burlap sacks.

I normally don’t care about whether or not people cheat to get achievements in online games. Usually, when I hear people talking about it, I exit out of that games lobby and find a new game. Unfortulately, with Halo 3, you can’t do that. Once you’re in a game, the only way to exit out of it (without penalty) is to exit all the way back to your damn dashboard. If only Bungie would have included the option of exiting out of a game before it began (I.E. USE THE B BUTTON!) this wouldn’t even be mentioned. But alas, Bungie wanted to force feed us matchmaking, so now we get stuck with this crap. Fantabulous."

I think it is lame to not obtain achievements like you are suppose to, but if that is what people want to do, let them do it. Now, if you stay in the game, and you just try to play anyways, people will get frustrated and start fighting back.
Don't drop the game if you care about your experience. You lose experience if you drop from a game for any reason. If you lose, it doesn't hurt your experience. That is why it was set up this way. So if you have morons who "De-ranked" in Halo 2, you don't de-rank because of it, that's what makes the Halo 3 ranking system better. This sucks when you run into groups like this, and there is no real way to avoid these people if they catch you in a group, but oh well, it isn't going to hurt you either. Can't win them all. Quit whining about it...

8) Deserters
"You, those people who exit out of a game the moment it begins simply for shits and giggles. I’m not going to name any names of people who do this, because frankly I’m above that… thankfully, A1PRIMA and dannte1971 are Xbox LIVE handles, and I have no problem pointing out to all the world that you two are schmucks."
There is no excuse for this. There simply isn’t. If you get online, and get into a match, just shut up and play. Exiting out of the map (especially in team games) only hurts your ranking, and hurts the team as a whole… of course, if you exited out, you didn’t care about the team in the first place. You only go about pissing off people…"

Deserters suck. It's true. They do screw you over in ranked games if you lose, but the beauty of Halo 3 is, you don't lose experience if you lose the match. You may lose skill level, but that is easy to make up. I also like how JW first states how he is above naming names, and posts two GamerTags. Who is the schmuck here?
There is no excuse? Maybe their connection dropped? Maybe their dog caught a network cable or power cable? Maybe a kid brother or sister accidentally spilled something on the X-box 360. RROD? There are a number of genuine excuses, or maybe they just didn't want to play with your whiny-ass because you were being a whiny-bitch in the lobby? Shut up and get over it... Practice what you preach and play the damn game.

9) Heavy Breathers
"This is easily the most annoying of the groups, because they are easily the most distracting. Every two seconds you hear the heavy breathing sounds of someone who, if you heard said breathing at random, would think they just ran the Boston Marathon. I would be able to at least partially forgive it if, you know, they actually talked during the game. But 99.99478675309% of the time, they don’t. They just breathe… and breathe… and breathe…"

I do believe I already mentioned that neat little option called Mute. Try it. Or why don't you send them a message, or try letting them know they are breathing into their microphone. Politeness goes a long way.

There you have it, my break down, of what makes JW whiny, and lets me know he probably needs to find a new hobby other then Halo 3. I find it sad when people have to whine about shit that can be beaten, or completely avoided. The real fact of the matter is, it's just a game, and if you find yourself getting pissed off, maybe you should turn it off for awhile...

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