Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beyond the Gamer Stereotypes

This post is in response to a post at GameGirl.com

If you haven't noticed, a lot of attention seems to be going around for the people who make your gaming experience (specifically online.) less than enjoyable, is going to the lamers of gaming. Between campers, loud-mouth-obnoxious-kids, or tools, it just seems silly to me not to point out the many many numbers of gamers that actually make your experience worth while.

Believe it or not, their are people who play video games who still give the good ol' GG after a game. Win or lose. These people typically don't partake in insulting, racial slurs, or in general shit-talking. These are the guys who just want to play, and have nothing to prove. Are they not worth mentioning?

Why is it assholes get all the attention?

Oh wait... Assholes get all the attention because that is how the history of human kind is. Right?

So tell me folks, what is your multiplayer experience like with people?

Personally, I don't talk much shit, unless of course it's called for, and I never insult, or use racial slurs, or am just plain annoying for the sake of pissing people off. I find no point in pissing someone off if I can't see their facial expression. On top of that, I tend not to respond to assholes over the wire, so they can't get the satisfaction of getting a rise out of me.

Why do people even respond to morons, assholes, jerks, or just plain annoying people during a video game experience? I can't imagine it makes someone feel better.

I guess the whole point of this post, is to just point out that it's silly to give the losers of gaming an undeserving spot-light, because it only gives them more incentive to be an idiot.

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Jon said...

"Assholes get all the attention because that is how the history of human kind is."

QFT, unfortunately.