Thursday, January 3, 2008

Being related to Shishka

If you don't know who Shishka is, let me inform you. He was once a forum moderator for the Bungie Forums at, he got that way from being an active member of the forums. People either revered him, or hated him. When I say hated, I mean with that deep seeded purple passion sort of hate. Only because he was fair, and followed the rules strictly and wouldn't listen to morons.

He then became an employee of Bungie, where he did things mostly unknown to me, other then helping with screen shots, and merchandising. He dipped his fingers in Halo 2, then after 2 years moved on to a company started by a former Bungie Staff member. At Certain Affinity, he is a technical artist, and worked on the final two Multiplayer Maps released for Halo 2. What CA does now is beyond my knowledge.

If you don't know who he is at this point, I can't help you, but I can say this, he is, and always will be my brother. No, literally, my brother. As in we came from the same womb. The same blood runs in our vains. Now you are probably wondering who the hell am I? Nobody special, but I can guarantee there were times I was the bane of his existence. (Isn't that what little brothers are for?)

There have been times since my brother became known in the Halo community that I have over heard people actually talking about him. In which I will bring him up, and usually the response I get is, "Shishka is such an asshole!" Which makes me laugh, because the only reason he comes off as an asshole to people at any time, (including myself...), is probably because you are/sound like an idiot. If you think he is just like that because he is behind a computer, you are sorely mistaken. He would tell you the same damn thing in person. So please, refrain from calling him, "A pussy behind a computer."

Now, before I get to ahead of myself, I definitely don't need to defend my brother. He does it quite well himself. I mean, look at all the people that despise him. Mostly because he is smarter than them, I can be sure of that.

So how does it affect my life being related to Shishka? Certainly not in a negative way, in fact, more often than not I get a good laugh out of some of the things I hear. I have even been asked if I could get his autograph before by a co-worker who's son loves the Halo Franchise. I've had people ask me where he lives, what he does in his free time, it's even gotten me an invite to a party once. Other times, I pretty much remain in his shadow.

Shishka is a smart guy. Not just smart, but super smart. Like at a quantitative level. He could probably destroy my existence if he thought about it hard enough. Seriously, who goes to college and already knows what they are doing. Shit, he should have been TEACHING the classes. Yeah. Me? I just play video games, and fix computers/computer networks. I'm not saying this is bad, I'm just putting us in comparison. To make it more easy to understand, think of my brother as chaotic-neutral, and I'm chaotic-evil.

If Shishka has taught me anything, it's this: If you work your ass off, for something you love, you'll get it. That's what he has done, and if I can even come close to working as hard as he did, I'm sure I'll do well.

As for all you haters out there of Shishka. 5HU7 UP U N00BS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't commented on your other posts, but I'm a bit of a Bungie fan, so it just so happened that I stumbled across this one in particular.

Yours is an interesting perspective; I guess it just goes to show that working hard can get you out of a tough bind. I seem to recall hearing him say that his first day at Bungie was a 36-hour one that was nothing but taking screenshots.

That 0ne Guy said...

My brother did work hard. He still does, in fact, I'm sure you already know, he's back at Bungie!
Yeah, 36 hours of nothing but screenshots landed him a job.