Sunday, January 13, 2008

Video Game Rage: An observational experiment by Jared Armstrong

All this talk about how video games raise aggressive behavior in people has got me thinkin'. It's got me thinkin' if video games, (especially violent ones), do raise my aggression, how does it affect me? So I have decided that I'm going to record myself, for hour long sessions playing a variety of games, ranging from non-violent games such as Bejeweled, to super violent games such as Call of Duty 4, and Halo 3.

So here's the jist of the experiment:

Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Nintendo DS, and PC will all be platforms that I use.

I want a 3 game range for each system. I need 1, non violent, 2 is semi-violent, and 3 is all out blood and guts.

Each hour session will be recorded with a Web Cam, including Audio, to better review.

This will be for Single player and Multiplayer, but will be separated due to the nature of playing against AI and against people.

I'm going to play as I normally would, after work, and into the early hours of the morning. The only difference will be that I will have to set up my Web Cam before each session, and change the lighting. My cat, (Chiyo, who loves to attack my headset microphone when I'm on XBL.) will also be in on the experiment.

Now, here is the kicker. I need 3 games for each console. Here is what I have for each console for this experiment:

X-Box 360: Call of Duty 4, Bejeweled
Playstation 3: Assassins Creed
Nintendo DS: Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass, Dementium: The Ward
PC: World of Warcraft, Collapse!

I need some assistance in picking out a few more games. Obviously I need a mid range for the 360, and non-violent and mid range for the PS3, and The DS needs a Non-Violent game, and PC I need a game that is violent.

So, any suggestions so I can start this observation of aggression on myself?

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