Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Norton Virus

So, semester started last Monday. I'm taking a few basic classes, Philosophy 101, IS 101, English 101, and CCNA 121. Two of the classes are online, and one of them is web based, and my English class is more of an actual class. For my IS 101 class, (Which is crap, but I need the 3 credits, but that's a whole other blog...), Word 2007 is mandatory. So I got myself a copy, (boot-legged that is...), and installed it on my desktop PC, and my Laptop.
When school is in occurrence, I use my Lap Top A LOT. Like several times a day. It's nothing fancy at all, I mean, it's a Compaq Presario 2200. It has a Celeron M 1.4GHz processor, not even half a gig of ram, and about 40gigs of Hard drive space, (Which most of is used, all but about 2 gigs...). Like I said, nothing fancy, in fact, you could call it crap. Yet, it does what I need it too do, such as use the Internet, and word processing sort of stuff.
Well, I installed Word 2007 on this beast, and it worked fine, but for awhile now, I've had problems with my Anti-virus. Norton 2005. It decided one day it wasn't going to work right. It tries to install every time I open a word document or start up my Lap Top. It's super annoying, because it tries about three times than gives up.
Today, I decided to do some homework for English class. Well, when I started up my lap top, it still does this install crap that fails, so I finally said fuck it, finished up my assignment, and decided to fix the problem.
I decided that the easiest way to fix it was to just start up MSCONFIG and turn off the services and start up files for Norton. Psh, that didn't work at all...
After making the changes, I tried to open up my homework again, and it would do that install crap, than I would get an error from word that said that the command failed because dialog boxes were open. What dialog boxes? There were none.
So I tried turning the services back on, and do a restart so they would take effect. No good. I made the changes fine, but my Lap top wouldn't restart. So I just hard booted the damn thing. I played around with it for about an hour, and finally I just uninstalled Norton 2005 completely. It solved ALL of my problems. Besides making my start-up go so much slower, it bogged my entire system down. Since uninstalling the damn thing, my Lap Top is running smooth as a new born babies behind!
I recommend using AVG, it's free, and it's easy, and it works well without hindering my lap top. Even though it's about 4 years old now.

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