Thursday, April 24, 2008

X-Box Live: Where not just idiots are

It seems like anywhere that people can communicate on the internet, there is a skew of morons, idiots, racists, and jerks, to actually corgile, friendly, good gamers. I'm sure you've read about them one time or another, especially if you play on XBL. XBL can have some of the most idiotic people that behind that head set. Well, this isn't about them. This is about those people who no matter win or lose say, "Good Game." The people who try to help the team.
I just started gaming again. It's been a couple-few months, and just recently, I've decided to pick up my controller again. I started off slow with some Oblivion, and I found the lack of interaction got boring, so I hopped on XBL.
I've always been an online gamer. The first game I ever played online was World of Warcraft II. Against my brother, who was at his friends house while I was at home. After that I was pretty much hooked, and I moved on to an early Bungie series, Marathon. It was Marathon that taught me there is nothing more satisfying then landing a long distance rocket. Marathon, Quake (I, II, and III!), then I made the move from PC to console with my original Playstation. Now I understand the early consoles didn't have online connectivity, but who can deny the awesome games?
Anyways, tonight I got home from work, and decided I wanted to play me some Halo 3. Me, being the social creature I am, chose to play Social Slayer. Where I got grouped with decent, corgile, good gamers. We communicated well, we could joke, and we won several games together. It was good.
I've found that getting grouped by chance with some good people online is more satisfying then any headshot, multiple kill, stick, or running streak. It makes playing online incredibly more enjoyable. I don't care what online game you're playing. If you get along, and are of equal skill, it can be a really good time.
I just want to give a shout out to all those people who play online that are actually intelligent, decent people, thank you. Thank you for continuing to play, and not giving into all the morons online. If it wasn't for the decent gamers out there, I doubt I'd still play online. So thank you, and I hope to see you online sometime!